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The Gatehouse Well advance reservations are sold out, but there is plenty of room for walk-ins. See you tonight!

Want to make a reservation for our Harvest Concert Series? Scroll down, click the photo and date below, purchase a table, and if you want wine or appetizers available when you show up, put them in the cart. PLEASE one reservation per transaction or it will get complicated … ie. if you want to come see the Undercovers and have 2 bottles of chilled Chardonnay and an appetizer plate at your table, put the reservation, two bottles of chard and an app plate in your cart, and pay. Then if you want to come to another show, do that separately in a different transaction. Thanks in advance.

Also, there are a lot of details when you purchase the table reservations - no outside food or drinks, no dogs.

photo: Amy Kumler

photo: Amy Kumler

Veggie & GF Plate - Pre-Ordered Appetizer Plates for events

Veggie & GF Plate - Pre-Ordered Appetizer Plates for events


We recommend ordering one Appetizer Plate for every two adults in order to have a decent-sized snack with your wine. It will be delivered to your reserved table between 5:30-6:00. Please remember to keep orders separate - if you want a table for four at one concert with two cheese plates, please place that order separately, pay for it, and then start a new order if you want to attend a different show on another date.

Veggie Plates have gluten-free crackers, cut vegetables, olives and hummus. Veggie plates are vegan and gluten-free.

Unfortunately, due to our small kitchen, we cannot make substitutions on the appetizer plates that are pre-ordered for any music events.

We do also have a limited number of gluten-free pizza crusts, and you can always order a vegan pizza at the event.

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