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Wine + Reservations

The Gatehouse Well advance reservations are sold out, but there is plenty of room for walk-ins. See you tonight!

Want to make a reservation for our Harvest Concert Series? Scroll down, click the photo and date below, purchase a table, and if you want wine or appetizers available when you show up, put them in the cart. PLEASE one reservation per transaction or it will get complicated … ie. if you want to come see the Undercovers and have 2 bottles of chilled Chardonnay and an appetizer plate at your table, put the reservation, two bottles of chard and an app plate in your cart, and pay. Then if you want to come to another show, do that separately in a different transaction. Thanks in advance.

Also, there are a lot of details when you purchase the table reservations - no outside food or drinks, no dogs.

photo: Amy Kumler

photo: Amy Kumler

9/26/19 Striped Pig String Band

9/26/19 Striped Pig String Band

from 20.00

This is a free concert with local live music. You may attend the event at no charge, but there is no outside food or beverages other than water allowed.

Due to the expected popularity of this event, we are taking table reservations. Please purchase a table if you want a guarantee of a place to enter the event, get a free stemless glass, and sit at a table and pre-order wine, cheese and fish plates (no waiting in lines). If you do not pay for a reservation, we may not have any seating for you, table or otherwise.

This reservation includes reserved seating at your own table (seats 4, 6 or 8) and commemorative glass stemless wine glasses to take home. Your reserved table is available at 5pm-9pm. Music is from 6pm-8:30pm.

You have the opportunity to have wine and appetizer plates available to you at your private table when you arrive - just add them into this same order in your shopping basket now. Pre-ordered white and rose wines will be on your table on ice when you arrive. If it’s warm, red wines (if pre-ordered) will be available at the wine bar for you. If it’s cool, all your bottles will be at your table.

Pre-orders of Appetizer Plates are encouraged, approximately one plate for every two guests. We will bring these out to your table between 5:30-6:00. Cheese plates include bread/crackers, chevre spread, hard cheese, nuts and fruit. Cheese and fish plates include the above plus ahi, tuna, smoked salmon or similar (sorry depends on supply) instead of nuts.

There will also be wine, beer, nonalcoholic beverages and other food items (including our wood-fired pizza and desserts) available to you for purchase when you arrive. We expect to provide a secondary food option, which will likely be fish, oysters, or smoked meat etc.

Due to expected popularity of event, we reserve the right to only have whole bottle sales of wine (not individual pours) available for purchase. Moreover, if you don’t have a reservation, you may have to drink out of a plastic cup.

Please bicycle, carpool or walk if possible. There will be parking in our back field, so you can drive in the main entrance and drop off guests, and then drive to rear of property.

Please no outside food, beverages or dogs.

If you don’t show up to claim your table by 7pm, your table will be reassigned to open seating and you forfeit your seating.

If you have a child and want them to sit, they are included at your table and you’ll have an extra stemless glass to take home. If you have an odd number of guests, invite another friend and don’t round down - there will not be extra seating available to add to your table.

We cannot guarantee where you will be sitting or who you will be sitting next to in terms of table placement. If you have a large group, buy several tables in the same order and ask your friends to reimburse you - if you do that we can cluster you.

Likewise, there will be no way to modify this reservation once you make it. If you’re unable to attend, we are sorry but there are no refunds.

If you want to attend multiple events, please make separate orders for each event so we can easily keep your orders straight.

Table Size:
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We have limited seating. If the size of table you want is not available, we’re sorry, we’ve sold it out. Consider getting a different sized table and inviting friends.

Lastly, we make excellent wood-fired pizzas. We make the crusts fresh that day. Due to the popularity of our pizza, we recommend you order early and be willing to wait.

We expect to have other food options available at this event.