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Robert Hodgson, a professor at Humboldt State University, and Judy Hodgson, a local journalist, turned their weekend hobby of making wine into a business in 1976. In the early years, their three daughters occasionally hand-washed recycled bottles and pasted labels. 

Over the years, the winery has kept production low and quality high, winning many top awards in wine competitions. Our 2016 Chardonnay won a Gold Award at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. 

After more than four decades, Bob and Judy are ready to more fully retire. Daughter Leah Lockwood and her husband, Phil moved from Oregon to Fieldbrook to oversee the 2017 crush and to take over sales and other operations, including weddings and events. Since hand-washing bottles is no longer required, their two daughters Nuala and Maeve might be found feeding new glass into the automated bottling line, picking stray leaves off the conveyor belt, or helping their dad drive the tractor to dump grape stems in the field.